Pet Project relies on YOU for Support!

Imagine having a terminal illness and being alone. Having no family or anyone with whom you have a special bond. The kind of special bond that can only be created by the warm, unconditional love shared with a pet. A unique attachment that, by simple knowing you are needed and loved, can supply the will and determination necessary for you to face each day.

Please help us…help them. Your greatly appreciated contribution of ANY amount is easily made right through PayPal using the button below. And it’s TAX DEDUCTABLE!

The Angel Sponsor Program

The Angel Sponsorship program is for those persons or businesses that are willing to contribute a onetime per year payment of $3000, which will cover the cost of one of our monthly Food Banks. This sponsorship program comes with many benefits to the donor.

If interested in the Angel Sponsorship Program, please contact Sue Martino, Executive Director at or call (917) 751-3173.verification_seal